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Our dedicated legal team can help your family reconcile with elder abuse, personal injury, and wrongful death.

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$1,500,000 Elder Neglect
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$1,200,000Elder Neglect & Wrongful Death
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$900,000Dependent Adult Neglect & Wrongful Death
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$875,000Elder Neglect & Wrongful Death
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$750,000Dependent Adult Abuse
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$600,000Elder Neglect & Wrongful Death
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$500,000Elder Neglect & Wrongful Death
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About the Firm

At Gharibian Law, we are committed to defending anyone who has faced mistreatment in the form of abuse, personal injury, and even wrongful death, with a specific focus on the senior population. Unfortunately, roughly 1 in 10 elders in the US has experienced abuse. This includes nursing home negligence, bedsores, physical abuse, sexual abuse, personal injury, and wrongful death.

We believe that people who have worked hard all their lives deserve to be treated well; our elders deserve our respect. We are committed to holding anyone who perpetrates mistreatment accountable.

Gharibian Law in the News

Elder abuse is often shocking. Read about some of our more notable cases in the news.
Nursing Home Owners Ask Governor for Protection From Lawsuits
Gharibian Law Files Lawsuit Against La Quinta Care Home Where a Veteran was Murdered

How Gharibian Law is different

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We are specifically dedicated to the elderly population. Seniors are incredibly vulnerable in our society, and their plights are often overlooked. We are fully committed to representing and protecting them with the rest and respect that they deserve.

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We are attentive and goal-oriented. We believe that the best way to support our clients is to secure an excellent legal outcome, and we funnel our effort and resources towards that goal.

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We are a client-based law firm. Our compassionate representation is what sets us apart from other legal teams. We treat each case with professionalism, compassion, and respect because we also have a personal stake in the success of your case.

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We are genuinely committed to the unique needs of the senior population, and we can help to make elder lives better through empathy and respect

Our Areas of Service

We are here to support anyone who has faced mistreatment. We specialize in
elder abuse, personal injury, and wrongful death.

How We Help

We approach each situation as if our loved ones had faced mistreatment. With Gharibian Law, you can expect empathetic, respectful and compassionate care.

We work on a contingency, which means there are no legal fees for our clients until we win their case and secure a decisive outcome.

We can help you understand what type of abuse your loved one is facing. Elder abuse is often difficult to identify, but if you don’t feel quite right, we can help you to pinpoint why.

We are results-oriented and will do everything to secure a good outcome for you and your loved ones.


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