3 Ways to Get Involved in 2024

We are halfway through 2024, but there is still plenty of time to get involved in the fight for better living conditions in nursing homes and legislative reform. We know that everyone plays a huge part in advocating for improving the nursing home industry, so we wanted to share 3 great ways to get involved in 2024.

PC: Kadyn Pierce via Unsplash

National Consumer Voice 2024 Conference

This year’s National Consumer Voice Conference is focused around the theme of The Power of Together. Hosting a number of panels, keynote speakers, and meetings, the 48th annual conference is a great way to deepen your understanding of current issues within the industry. It’s also a good opportunity to connect to others who are working towards goals similar to your own. This conference is a must if you work in the industry, but you can also register as a non-member for both in-person and virtual attendance. 

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Urge Representatives to Oppose H.R. 468 and H.R. 3227

We’ve discussed the recent proposals that would weaken nursing training, and now you have a chance to oppose the two bills! Consumer Voice has already written a letter, and encourages everyone to do the same. The Building America’s Health Care Workforce Act would waive certain certification requirements for nurse aids, potentially leading to poor care, neglect, and other rights violations. While the Ensuring Seniors’ Access to Quality Care Act would allow nursing homes with egregious violations to establish and run their own training programs, again potentially providing poor training that will affect the quality of resident care.

Write to your representatives to express your disapproval of these bills and encourage them to oppose them!

Prepare for Residents’ Rights Month

We are only three months away from Residents’ Rights Month in October. This year’s theme is The Power of My Voice which will focus on self-advocacy. To prepare for a month of raising awareness, take some time to learn more about residents rights, how you can create community for them, and what they can do to speak up for themselves when they need to.

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