5 Fact Sheets Seniors & Caregivers Should Know About

When it comes to long-term and elderly care for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to know the facts. Organizations like California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR) are great resources for fact sheets that keep you informed through the process of finding and navigating life in a nursing home. The CANHR site has a lot of fact sheets with a ton of great information, but we wanted to highlight 5 fact sheets that all seniors and their caregivers should know about.

Residential Care for the Elderly Evaluation Checklist

This fact sheet includes some general tips for finding a residential program or care facility that best suits individuals with basic needs (not necessarily specialized memory care). Tips include starting the search for a facility before it becomes a dire need, visit facilities multiple times, pay close attention to the way residents are treated, and get a copy of the admission agreement to take home and look over if possible. Additionally, there is a handy checklist for things you should look for when  visiting nursing homes.

Read the full fact sheet here.

Preventing Abuse in Long Term Care Facilities

This fact sheet is more for family, friends, and caregivers. It outlines a number of ways you can stay involved in your loved one’s life and prevent abuse while they are living in a nursing home. Among the many other tips are suggestions like plan out your visits ahead of time, get to know the staff, and be an active participant in care meetings.

Read the full fact sheet here.

Filing Complaints Against Continuing Care Retirement Communities

As a resident of a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) you have a right to good care. But you also have a right to file a complaint without retaliation from the organization. There are a couple different levels to continuing care, so it’s important to know which agency to submit your complaint to. This fact sheet provides a breakdown and contact information for those agencies. 

Read the full fact sheet here.

What Happens When the Money Runs Out?

Care facilities are expensive. That’s an issue that plagues the industry year to year, with very few solutions. So it is a concern for everyone involved if residents are relying on any savings to pay for their stay at a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE). An RCFE is categorized as any nursing home or care facility. This fact sheet offers a few solutions for anyone worried about paying for their room and care.

Read the full fact sheet here

Residents’ Rights

Finally, there is the Residents’ Rights fact sheet. This document covers a resident’s right to grievances, rights regarding admissions, treatment, discharge, and more. It’s vitally important to know your rights as a nursing home resident. It’s also important to know when to seek legal action if those rights are violated. Additionally, it is important for all caregivers to know the rights as well so they can be advocates for anyone unable to speak up for themselves.

Read the full fact sheet here.

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