Abuse at Home

Some older adults and their families decide that staying at home is the best option for the care and tranquility of the elderly and them to feel comfortable at home. In addition, they think they will be better cared for by those close to them.

However, even within the comfort of their home, they can be abused by the person who cares for them, be it a professional or a direct family member. The abuse comes to be generated in the family environment because caring for an older person who suffers from chronic diseases or lacks mobility can become a situation that, in addition to consuming a lot of time, can generate a lot of stress and frustration. In these cases, the family member may try to take these emotions out on their loved one who needs help, and start showing abusive acts such as hitting them, moving them roughly, speaking rudely to them, insulting them, or even neglecting them.

On the other hand, if an older adult decides to stay at home but hire a professional to take care of them, the same situation can arise in which the emotional burden is more than they can tolerate, which can lead to the same neglectful or aggressive behaviors. towards the older person they must care for.

Consequences of abuse

Abuse at home can have many consequences for older adults depending on the type of abuse they are victims of. For example, physical abuse and neglect can cause health problems, pain, or medical complications. But on the other hand, any abuse can cause mental health problems such as anxiety and severe depression, feeling like a burden, or that they can no longer enjoy life.

Seek legal help

Staying at home should bring relief and peace of mind to an older adult, so if you or a loved one is being abused, please do not hesitate to contact our attorneys. Together we can fight for your rights and for you to have a dignified old age.