Abuse by close relatives.

Despite what we may come to believe, abuse within the family nucleus of an older adult can become even more common than living in a nursing home. This is because there are times when they just let the elderly stay at home but neglect them in a way that affects both their physical and mental health.

Generally in cases of abuse, by allowing their elderly adults to stay in their own home or in that of a relative, the family members themselves are negligent in leaving them unsupervised for too long because they want to continue doing their job. life without having to care for an elderly person who, without a doubt, can take up their time, but who nevertheless deserves the care and attention they require at all times.

We understand that it can be very difficult to care for an elderly person on a daily basis, feeding them, helping them bathe, listening to them, among other activities. But, we believe that this is not a justification to start physically or verbally abusing him. When the situation becomes very complicated or stressful, it is best to take them to a nursing home so that they can help them have a fulfilling old age and provide them with the care they need.

Otherwise, abuse or neglect can have a serious impact on the lives of older adults, first of all in their mental health by feeling like a burden to their family and developing illnesses such as depression, and later developing physical illnesses by stopping eating, being in bed without help to move for a long time, not having proper hygiene and even not taking your medications on time. All this can aggravate or cause diseases such as dementia.

It is important that as family members, we are a support for our loved ones instead of being the people who abuse them and make them feel even more isolated. If you know of any case of abuse by a family member towards an older adult or you are suffering from it yourself, do not hesitate to approach the Gharibian Law team. We can accompany you in your legal process.