Breaking Down Personal Injury with Gharibian Law

The result of negligent behavior, personal injury is one of the many areas of law in which we specialize. Our goal is to protect the injured and allow them to recover fully and receive complete compensation for lost work hours, mental distress, and more. Though personal injury is not the primary type of case we handle in nursing homes, it falls under the umbrella of negligence and even abuse, meaning our attorneys are equipped with the expertise to fight for you and win.

Defining Personal Injury

According to the American Bar Association, personal injury can be defined as when:

“you if you or your property is injured or harmed because of someone else’s act or failure to act.” 

The laws put in place to protect individuals in these instances are called tort laws and in “a successful tort action, the one who caused the injury or harm compensates the one who suffered the losses.”

Personal injuries that occur as a result of negligent and intentional acts fall under personal injury. Wrongful death is an extension of this, often because it is a direct result or comes from injuries or treatments.

Personal injury accidents can affect you for the rest of your life. They also cause suffering to families who care for the injured, involve mental distress, the loss of jobs, heavy financial burdens, and more. 

How Gharibian Law Will Help

At Gharibian Law, we are experienced in all areas of neglect and abuse—including personal injury and wrongful death. These extensions of abuse and negligence should not be taken lightly. We handle all of our cases with compassion and understanding, digging into the case with discretion and the goal of winning. 

“With Gharibian Law, you will only have to worry about your recovery. We will gather the details of your accident, including interfacing with insurance agencies, talking to witnesses, gathering evidence, and bringing charges against the party responsible for harming you. Our goal is to help you secure the financial compensation you need to fully recover physically, mentally, and financially.”

If you or a family member are a personal injury, abuse, or neglect victim, call Gharibian Law (877-460-1187) today for a free consultation and the best legal representation in Los Angeles.