Sores and Neglect

Unfortunately, bedsores or sores from staying immobile for a long time in bed affect thousands of elderly people living in nursing homes or retirement homes. This is largely due to the negligence or carelessness of the caregivers. Bed sores can be prevented if staff are well trained and attentive to these details, but unfortunately this […]

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The effects of abuse

Abuse in the elderly can have serious consequences on their health, especially if they already suffer from a disease or are older due to the weakness and vulnerability that this represents in the elderly. Generally, abuse occurs by those who care for the elderly because seeing that they are vulnerable and do not have the

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Abuse at Home

Some older adults and their families decide that staying at home is the best option for the care and tranquility of the elderly and them to feel comfortable at home. In addition, they think they will be better cared for by those close to them. However, even within the comfort of their home, they can

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