Celebrating Residents’ Rights Month

October is Residents’ Rights Month, and we at Gharibian Law are excited to celebrate and raise awareness. We’ve talked about some of the steps being taken to improve the lives of nursing home residents, but there are still improvements to be made, so we’d like to encourage all residents to speak up and caregivers and loved ones to take action.

graphic outlining residents' rights
Courtesy of the Administration for Community Living

Know Your Rights

Knowing your rights as a nursing home or care facility resident is incredibly important. Knowing how you should be treated will help determine if your care facility is in violation of any laws or standards of living. 

Among others, some of your rights as a nursing home resident are:

  • The right to privacy
  • The right to information about your community
  • The right to visits from family and friends
  • The right to attend and take part in religious and community activities
  • The right to protection from descrimination

Check out The Consumer Voice page on residents’ rights here, and The Administration of Community Living resources here.

Speak Up

Abuse and neglect can go unnoticed by loved ones, but if you believe you’ve been the victim of abuse, speak up. If you are an employee of a care facility, don’t let abuse and neglect go unchecked, speak up. And if you are a loved one of someone in a nursing home or care facility, know that you have the voice and power to protect your loved one. So don’t be scared to speak up!

Take Action

As always, we encourage anyone who witnesses, knows of, or has been the victim of abuse or neglect to report all incidents to the authorities and get in touch with a lawyer. Having the best legal defense on your side is essential, so be sure to contact Gharibian Law (866-642-5915) to get world-class representation from a team that cares and fights hard for your rights.