Consequences of Psychological Abuse

One of the most common forms of abuse of older adults that occurs both in nursing homes and in family homes is usually psychological abuse. This refers to any type of psychological damage caused non-verbally by trying to isolate them from other people in the nursing home, preventing them from seeing their loved ones, ignoring what they say or treating them negligently.

Verbal abuse

On the other hand, verbal abuse can include threats, insults, shouts, rudeness, among others that, when received constantly, can have serious consequences. And unfortunately, this type of abuse is experienced every day in retirement homes or with close relatives, so the elderly can feel hopeless and that there is no possible way out.

This type of abuse is usually very dangerous, especially in older people, since it can cause mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, fear, among others, which will cause their physical health to worsen, having problems such as insomnia, loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness in your muscles by not wanting to get out of bed, lowered defenses or loss of interest in living. Without a doubt, adopting any of these behaviors will harm an older person exponentially, so detecting that they are suffering this abuse in time is essential.

Watch for the signs

You will be able to detect the clearest signs when visiting your loved ones, since their behavior will change immediately as they look more subdued, without wanting to speak, move, or eat. You may also notice extreme fear or a little more irritability. It’s important to ask them questions and talk to them regularly to find out how they really are, otherwise it might be too late for them.

Paying attention to these signs can be the difference between saving or not saving one of your loved ones and detecting that they are being psychologically abused, it will give them hope that someone can help them. That is why the Gharibian Law team is here. Do not doubt that we will be supporting you at every step of your legal process.