Filing a Complaint vs. Hiring Legal Representation

Great strides have been made to recognize the issues within nursing homes and the insufficient, and sometimes neglectful, care that residents receive as a result of too few staff and ignorant or unqualified management. However, changes to your loved one’s care start with you and your advocacy for their care. The problem is, when do you simply file a complaint vs. hire legal representation? 

Filing a Complaint

Unless there is undeniable evidence and proof of abuse that is actively hurting your loved one, filing a complaint is typically the initial step in bettering your loved one’s care. If you notice that the nursing staff is dropping certain routines or hygiene necessities, then address these immediately with staff and supervisors. If clothes or belongings are missing, if a member of staff was rough, short-tempered, or inattentive, if you think your loved one is not eating very well, or not being taken to activities that they would enjoy, then file a complaint. It may have been an oversight on the part of the staff, or a miscommunication that is easily solved by bringing it to their attention. 

Learn the best way to file a complaint and the typical process here.

Hiring Legal Representation

Legal representation is needed when a person is clearly being abused or neglected. Some of the signs are hard to identify, but all should be reported. 

The typical signs of elder abuse are:

  • Bruises & welts, 
  • Lacerations, or evidence of aggressive restraints being used
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Open wounds, bedsores, and wounds that are not healing
  • Sprains or dislocations
  • Broken eyeglasses or other signs of being physically mistreated
  • Medication overdoses or signs of proper medications not being provided
  • Changes in behavior and mood
  • The elder saying that they were hurt, abused, injured, or ignored

If any of these signs present themselves, take note of them, report the incident to the proper authority, including the case worker at the nursing home, and call an elder abuse lawyer. 

The best place to start when hiring a lawyer is to take advantage of a free consultation during which a lawyer will be able to talk you through your case, what to expect, what they need to proceed, and what type of case your situation will be considered. 

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