Hiring an Expert: Personal Injury vs. Elder Abuse Attorneys

When it comes to your own safety or the safety and well-being of a loved one, you want the best advice and quality legal representation. That’s why when it comes to Elder Abuse cases you do not want to put your case in the hands of an attorney who does not have Elder Abuse experience. We wanted to talk a little bit about the difference between Personal Injury and Elder Abuse attorneys, and the importance of hiring the lawyer that can do the most for you.

Personal Injury Attorney vs. Elder Abuse Attorney

While Personal Injury attorneys know the ins and outs of laws and legal precedent for general neglect, car accidents, and slips and falls, they also handle cases from a variety of different areas that are not related to elder abuse or nursing homes, making them more general practitioners of injury law. 

Elder Abuse attorneys practice a niched sector of law, specializing in the very unique laws governing nursing homes and the treatment of elders. Attorneys, like those at Gharibian Law, have dedicated their careers to Elder Abuse law, they know how nursing homes work, what standards they should be held to, and how the law addresses the specific failures, financial and physical abuses, and neglect that occur within the nursing homes and other programs designed for California’s senior citizens. 

Making the Call

When you contact an Elder Abuse attorney, you know your case is not going to be added to a pile of other unrelated cases – the attorney will have tried and true strategies, know who to contact for professional opinions and testimony, and will personalize their fight to your case. 

Gharibian Law encourages anyone with knowledge or suspicions of Elder Abuse to contact the proper authorities, and then call an Elder Abuse law expert. Elder Abuse is untenable, don’t let your case be treated like any other injury case.