Holley v. Silverado: Elder Neglect & Wrongful Death Settlement & Case

Winning cases is always a proud achievement, especially because we know it obtains legal justice for the victim, holds the nursing home or care facility accountable for their negligence, and offers some comfort to the victim’s family as they grieve and try to understand the circumstances surrounding their loved one’s injury or death. In the case of Holley v. Silverado, a multi-faceted case that involved an arbitration issue as well as wrongful death and neglect, it was a victory our team fought hard for and won.

The Case

As outlined in The Daily Journal, Elizabeth Holley was admitted to the Silverado Senior Living Management facility for care in 2017. There, she sustained a broken arm, claimed someone had hurt her, and later fell resulting in a hip fracture. Silverado has failed to provide one-on-one care within the first 72 hours of her stay, neglected to conduct any abuse investigations, and did not implement fall risk protocols after Holley’s return to the hospital.

In short, Silverado was unprepared to take on Holley as a resident and was negligent in providing her with the care she needed or acknowledging her need for extra or specialized care they could not provide.

Just a few months after Holley was admitted to the hospital for surgery, she died. Her death certificate clearly stated that both her broken arm and fractured hip, as well as the surgery were “significant conditions contributing to her death.”

The Result

Gharibian Law was honored to represent Elizabeth Holley and her family. A non-confidential settlement of $1,200,000 was reached in favor of our clients.

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