How to Stop Elder Abuse and Neglect

At the present time, elderly individuals are more active, noticeable, and more independent than ever. They live longer and enjoy better health than in past generations. But as the elderly population grows speedily in America, so does the secreted problem of elder abuse, exploitation, and neglect.

 An estimated 4 million elders are victims of abuse and neglect annually in America, and for each case reported to the authorities, an estimated 23 cases go unnoticed. Additionally, abused seniors’ life quality is seriously compromised, as they often experience poor self-rated health, increasing dependency, and more significant psychological distress.

Different studies also suggest that elders who have been abused tend to die earlier than those who have not been abused, even in the absence of health conditions or life-threatening diseases. The only silver lining is that there are ways to prevent it. If you are currently wondering how you can be a part of the solution to preventing elder abuse, here are a few suggestions:

Combat isolation: Take some time out of your hectic agenda to connect with an elder loved one or make friends with an older adult in your community through a local volunteer program.

Live to educate: Spread awareness by joining with others to organize presentations to notify older adults and their friends and families that elder abuse exists in every community. Show them the statistics, highlight the red flags, and teach them how to detect it when it happens.

Stay vocal: Raise public alertness and consider hosting or sponsoring your own events in local schools, churches, community centers, etc. All the resources you need are accessible in our blog archives and conveniently designed with you in mind.

Keep your elected representatives updated: Authorities at any level need to perceive that you care about programs and systems that support victims of elder abuse. They can adopt legislation, implementing regulatory procedures, and align funding priorities with citizens’ interests.

If your elderly loved one shows signs of abuse, share your concerns with a trusted family member, bank manager, attorney, clergy member, or law enforcement official. 

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