Silverado Senior Living Management Update

A few months ago we discussed a case that our team fought hard for and won. The Holley v. Silverado case involved neglect that resulted in death, arbitration, and wrongful death. It was truly a victory for the victim’s family to win this case and we were honored to represent and seek justice for them. Recently, though, more information has come out involving Silverado Senior Living Management that we’d like to cover. Not only does Silverado offer an unfortunate but unique chance to see the direct results of COVID policies, but it can shine a light on the overall failings of the industry. Today, we’d like to give you all an update on the Silverado case and the charges they are now facing.

Silverado Senior Living Charged with Felony

Last week (March 14, 2023) Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón announced charges against the CEO, corporate officers, and a facility manager of Silverado Senior Living Management Inc. These charges include felony elder endangerment. 

The individuals are being charged as a result of their mishandling of COVID cases, making Silverado the location of some of the worst outbreaks. Furthermore, the facility lied to the families of residents, who are now part of a pending civil case against Silverado.

Though Silverado denies their misconduct, the Los Angeles DA has come forward stating:

“The investigation revealed that the Silverado management team was aware of the risks associated with admitting a new resident from a high-risk area and failed to follow the appropriate procedures to protect their employees and the vulnerable people in their care.”

Potentially, this case will shed some much needed light on the dire circumstances some nursing home residents face, and make it clear that action is needed to establish solid emergency and disaster management policies. 

Read the ABC article here.

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