Strategies to prevent abuse in retirement homes

Preventing the mistreatment of our older adults is a job in which we must all participate.

There are certain steps that retirement home managers and loved ones can take to prevent the elderly from suffering from negligent treatment and we want to tell you more about them today. In this way, we can help minimize the statistics of nursing home abuse.

How can retirement home staff help?

  1. Hiring trained personnel
  2. Monitoring the activities and behavior of caregivers
  3. Requesting visits from social workers to monitor the nursing home’s performance in caring for the elderly
  4. Following logistic and task management protocols to provide the care that each resident deserves
  5. Constantly training employees on these issues so that they know the importance of their actions in the life of an elderly person
  6. Installing security cameras to monitor the behavior of caregivers when their superiors are not personally observing them.

How can a loved one help?

  1. Make regular visits to your loved one
  2. Pay attention to your behavior and physical/mental health
  3. Invite your loved one to speak up if they feel they are being abused
  4. Listen to your loved one’s concerns and don’t take them lightly
  5. Ask for feedback from your caregivers or nursing home supervisors
  6. Learn about the most common signs of abuse so you can identify them early

Together, we can help implement strategies in time to prevent a caregiver from abusing our loved ones. No one deserves to spend their last years suffering from abuse and it is our responsibility to ensure the rights of those who we love and who require our help.

If you feel that the elderly you are visiting in a nursing home is being harassed by nursing home staff, report it to your supervisors immediately. If you are not heard, or need legal support, do not hesitate to contact our lawyers.

We are prepared to bring justice to those who have been treated negligently.