Support Nursing Home Staffing Regulations

Nursing homes and their care standards are finally getting the much needed attention they’ve needed for years now. Staff numbers and regulations are a key part of the recent reforms proposed by the Biden Administration, and The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care is pushing to make sure that this issue is addressed regardless of whether or not the Biden reforms are passed outright. Here’s how you can support nursing home staffing regulations and why they’re important.

How Staffing Affects Care

Under the Biden reforms, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will be conducting a study to determine the exact staffing needs for nursing homes and what the standard ratio of staff to resident should be for best care. This standard would be enforced across the country, keeping all nursing homes accountable and prepared for all resident needs. Staff shortages have been a major issue within nursing homes for decades with multiple studies showing that inadequate staff numbers negatively affect everything from the quality of care and resident outcomes to the frequency of neglect and abuse. 

Nursing homes have infamously struggled to maintain consistent staff, making this a leading issue that, if remedied, could help solve a number of other problems with the nursing home industry. During COVID, staffing shortages worsened and, despite clear evidence that more staff equals better care outcomes, there are nursing homes fighting the necessary changes. 

What You Can Do

Support for the Biden reforms is key. Write to your representatives to let them know that you support these reforms and want them to take nursing home issues seriously. Support Consumer Voice as they advocate on behalf of residents by donating, or respond to their list of questions here and provide valuable input that can help them properly address staffing needs. 

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