What is Alzheimer’s and how does it affect people?

Alzheimer’s is a disease that usually affects older adults and causes memory loss, problems with your thoughts and even the way you go about your daily activities. Although at first this disease may seem minimally invasive, over time the symptoms worsen, which means that the elderly who suffer from it require special care and daily supervision.
Being a progressive disease, Alzheimer’s causes a type of dementia that progresses, affecting the minds of those who suffer from it little by little. It first arrives as memory loss such as problems remembering names, dates, among other details, which for an older adult may seem normal. Later, in what is known as the middle stage of the disease, they may present more obvious symptoms such as forgetting details of their lives, not being able to control their needs, feeling a bit moody and preferring to withdraw from society, among others.

Finally, the disease in its final stage becomes quite complicated, so the older adult must be under supervision most of the time or else they could get lost, forget some of the physical activities necessary for the body such as eating, going to the bathroom. , etc. which could cause an accident that aggravates your health.

Unfortunately, there are caregivers who take advantage of this vulnerability and begin to abuse the elderly in their care because they can justify that they are not thinking clearly and pretend that they are not guilty of anything. Another type of abuse they commit is negligence by not caring for them, not helping them go to the bathroom, not ensuring that they are safe, and not taking care of their diet. These actions can cause the health of the older adult to worsen much faster than it should or could even cause other diseases.

Remember that no condition is a way to justify abuse, however complicated it may be. Reach out to us for help.