Wrongful death in a nursing home

Wrongful death cases in nursing homes for the elderly generally occur due to negligence committed due to discovery by their staff or even abuse of the elderly.

Losing a loved one to wrongful death while residing in a negligently treated nursing home is quite challenging and painful for you and your family members. However, it is important to make those responsible pay for the damage they caused and face the consequences of the acts that led them to cause the wrongful death of such a vulnerable person.

Filing a wrongful death claim could help you and your family regain some peace of mind knowing that those responsible have paid. In addition, by claiming or suing the responsible nursing home, you will help so that an event as sad as this does not happen again to other families and adequate precautions are taken to avoid it, even if this means closing the guilty nursing home.

Main causes of wrongful death in nursing homes

  • Physical or emotional abuse of an older adult who is very vulnerable.
  • Forgetting to give the right medications to an elderly person
  • Medication errors
  • Forgetting to care for the elderly, leaving them in their room for days
  • Not providing healthy food.
  • Disabled staff to help the elderly

What does a wrongful death claim cover?

After you file your claim and win your case, you and your family should get the most compensation possible for emotional damages to the family, funeral expenses for your loved one, and any other expenses related to the wrongful death of your family member.

We recommend that you have the support of a lawyer specialized in the matter to avoid being paid less than what you deserve and to make those responsible really pay for their mistakes.

At Gharibian Law, we are here to accompany you through your difficult process in a compassionate manner.