3 Nursing Home Failings According to Gallup

It’s no secret that nursing home quality does not always live up to acceptable standards. And while official government surveys and self-reports can give us some insight into the nursing home industry, it’s polls of the public that might reveal the most damning grievances. Recently, a Gallup poll was conducted which showed how the general U.S. public grades nursing home life, perhaps proving once and for all that nursing homes have a lot of work to do to not only improve actual care, but their overall image. Here are three nursing home failings according to Gallup.


“Seven in 10 U.S. adults say they would be very or somewhat uncomfortable with being admitted to a nursing home if they could no longer care for themselves. Nearly as many, 61%, feel the same way about the prospect of admitting a relative or family member into such a facility.”

When giving reasons for why they would be uncomfortable living in a nursing home or admitting a loved one to a facility, most cited quality of care, cost, and concerns over physical safety. 

Lack of Safety

“Just one in four (26%) think nursing homes are safe places, while 41% think they are not. About a third say they don’t know.”

Physical safety as well as mental wellbeing are under the microscope here. Additionally, especially after the COVID pandemic, infection control, abuse, neglect, and bed sores all top the charts as safety concerns. 

Poor Quality Care

“Americans give nursing homes an average D+ grade for quality of care, and few say they would be comfortable living in a nursing home if they could no longer care for themselves.”

Only 1% of those polled gave nursing home an excellent A grade. This overall poor grade may be a result of the percentage (14%) who did not know how they would rate the quality of care. However, it is clear there are some known failings in the nursing home industry that must be addressed if the industry hopes to see better ratings in the future.

This is not overall a hopeless situation. In part, these polls prove that there is work to do, but they also shine a light on the major areas where the change must concentrate. Through advocacy opportunities like Residents’ Rights Month, we can continue the work that is needed to see a brighter future for all American who will need assisted living care.

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