Amplify Our Voices: Preparing for Residents’ Rights Month

Residents’ Rights Month starts on October 1 which means we only have a few more days to plan how we will be advocating for nursing home residents. In the coming month, it’s important to remember all the progress we’ve made, while also noting the areas of nursing home care that still need our attention. Hence the month’s theme of Amplify Our Voices. Even more than that, Amplify Our Voices focuses on giving residents the power to speak up for themselves and advocate for their own care. 

We’ve talked before about how intimidation can squash residents’ voices resulting in injury, death, or worsening conditions. No resident should fear consequences as a result of sticking up for themselves. As politicians, community advocates, and families continue to push for change, it is important that we also encourage residents to make their voice heard. That sort of power benefits everyone!

Amplify Our Voices

Hosted by Consumer Voice every October, Residents’ Rights Month is a national event and an “opportunity to focus on and celebrate the dignity and rights of every individual receiving long-term services and supports.”

Directly from Consumer Voice:

“This year’s Residents’ Rights Month theme – Amplify Our Voices – emphasizes a community of long-term care residents coming together to make their voices heard. Amplifying your voice means being outspoken about your preferences and choices, and sharing who you are and your experiences. Residents’ voices are the most important at the decision-making table – your story deserves to be told!”

Preparing For Residents’ Rights Month

Prepare for this month of advocating for and encouraging nursing home residents through these easy actions:

  • Spread the word. The National Consumer Voice has some great resources on their website such as a sample press release, and a sample letter to the editor
  • Reach out to representatives. This is something that can be done any time of year, but October is a great time to reach out to representatives, tell them about Residents’ Rights Month, encourage them to support legislation that improves nursing home care, and alert them to some of the key issues.
  • Post on social media. It’s such a simple thing, but it can really make a difference. If amplifying voices is the goal, then the more the merrier when it comes to spreading the word on social media. Be sure to tell your story if you’ve had experience with the nursing home industry and share the Consumer Voice Residents’ Rights logo.
  • Continue to support staffing standards. Another thing to mention if writing to representatives or posting on social media is that we are still fighting for an ethical staffing standard for all nursing homes. Be sure to share the stats and know the facts.
  • Know your residents’ rights. There are a number of resources out there outlining residents’ rights. It’s important to know this information so that we can easily recognise abuse and properly report it.

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