Ask a potential caregiver these questions

Hiring someone to care for an elderly loved one can be a difficult task. This is because you will need to consider many important points in order to choose the ideal caregiver.

In addition to having certain certifications, knowledge, and expertise, a caregiver should have a good relationship with the elderly they are caring for so that both feel comfortable on a day-to-day basis. It is important to analyze the behavior of caregivers and even nursing home supervisors in order to choose the place or person where your loved one feels happy and calm.

We share a series of questions that can be asked to candidates in order to make the right decision as soon as possible:

Why did you decide to become a caregiver?

This question will allow you to better understand a caregiver’s motivation to know if she really wants to do the job.

What experience do you have?

Find out how much experience you have, what kind of diseases you have treated, what activities you have carried out, etc. it can help you know if you are the perfect candidate for the specific conditions your loved one has.

What would you do in X situation?

Knowing how you would react if you were involved in certain situations, can help you to know your way of being and how you will act in situations that cause you stress.

What certifications or studies do you have that may be useful for the job?

Certain certifications are important for someone who is going to care for an older adult since they could help save their life if they are at risk.

These are general questions that can be asked of a caregiver. However, you could derive more questions from these to get to know the candidate better and to know if it is the ideal option with which everyone in the family will have the confidence that their older adult will be in good hands.