Frequent Misconceptions about Elder Abuse in San Diego County

Frequent Misconceptions about Elder Abuse

San Diego County process around 9,000 cases of Elder Abuse each year. But many other incidents go unreported, leaving vulnerable adults in distressing, potentially life-changing, even dangerous, situations.  If you have an elderly loved one residing in San Diego County, it is imperative to know the facts about Eldercare and Elder Abuse in California.

When learning about the most important details, it is vital to identify the frequent misconceptions about Elder Abuse and Neglect in the eldercare setting. By knowing this you have all the necessary information you need when choosing a Nursing Home for your parent or loved one, and most importantly, you can identify the signs of abuse or neglect if it happens.

#1 Frequent Misconception: Elder Abuse does not occur in a Nursing Home with any previous history of abuse or neglect.

If an eldercare facility in San Diego does not have a previous history of Elder Abuse, it does not necessarily mean that they are clear or that abuse cannot happen there. Elder Abuse normally goes unreported, meaning that a facility may have a history of abuse, but it was never reported.

#2 Frequent Misconception: Elder Abuse Does not happen inexpensive Nursing Homes.

Elder Healthcare Abuse can happen at any facility, regardless of the cost you are paying. Do not be misled into believing that just because a Nursing Home is more expensive than others, it is less likely that Elder Abuse or Neglect occurs.

#3 Frequent Misconception: It is not abuse if you can’t see physical evidence.

The majority of Elder Abuse forms that happen in the eldercare setting are not physical; on the contrary, the most common ones are emotional and sexual abuse — that either does not have physical signs or have physical signs that are hidden from view. Thus, there are many forms of elder abuse that do not result in obvious physical signs.

#4 Frequent Misconception: Elder Abuse and Neglect only happens in Nursing Homes.

It is true that Elder Abuse can happen in Nursing Homes, but it is also true that it can happen in a senior living community or at home. Any place that an elder receives any type of care, that person can be at risk of injuries from abuse or neglect.

#5 Frequent Misconception: If an elder is abused, he or she will tell a family member.

Many seniors don’t report the abuse they face even if they’re able. Some fear retaliation from the abuser or view having an abusive caretaker as better than having no caretaker and being forced to move out of their own home, while others are embarrassed about being subject to abuse and keep it to themselves.

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