Multimedia Resources Raise Awareness of Nursing Home Life

Some of the work done to raise awareness of elder abuse is not in the courtroom or in the legislative branch of your state. Rather, there are multimedia resources that can tell stories and inspire action. We’d like to feature some of these films, podcasts, and books that help us create a better, more aging-friendly world for everyone.

Fire Through Dry Grass

Fire Through Dry Grass is a PBS documentary film following a group of Coler Nursing Home residents. The Roosevelt Island New Yorkers used Go-Pro cameras to capture footage and show day-in-the-life scenes of life in a nursing home during COVID-19 lockdowns. The film is the creative work of Reality Poets, a group of disabled artists who show a different side to nursing home life. The film can be streamed on PBS.


The short film, Involuntary, dives into the heartbreaking world of nursing home resident eviction. A major issue within nursing homes, involuntary eviction can cause severe stress, worsen health conditions, and have a devastating effect on a resident’s overall wellbeing, care, and finances. The film is described as haunting as it shows, with little dialogue, the harmful and awful world of unfair evictions as well “patient dumping”. Watch Involuntary here.

older man sitting at table typing on laptop computer
PC: Beth MacDonald via Unsplash

Consumer Voice Podcast

The Consumer Voice podcast has a lot of great episodes, but episode 34 covers an incredibly important topic: isolation. The episode titled The Value of Being Heard: Loneliness and Social Isolation in Long-Term Care features Dr. Susan Wehry, a specialist on depression and healthy aging. Covering the isolation that occurred during COVID-19 specifically, this episode raises awareness of the huge impact and ongoing crisis.  

There are a lot of resources available to age safely and enjoy nursing home life, but these three are taking a new approach that will reach a broader audience. Share these resources with your loved ones and friends! 

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