Wrongful death of an elderly family member

When placing an elderly loved one in the caregiver’s care, we expect that caregiver to treat them with respect and empathy. The purpose of requesting the support of a caregiver is to provide our older adults with as much support and comfort as possible during their last years of life. However, many people work as nurses, caregivers, or managers of retirement homes who are not well trained for their work and, unfortunately, commit negligent acts against the people in their care.

Examples of negligent acts that can cause injury, damage, or even death to an older adult:

  • Administering the wrong medicine, or the wrong dose
  • Administering medications incorrectly
  • Sudden movements
  • Slips and falls
  • Bumps or scratches
  • Lack of nutrition or improper nutrition

These acts can result in injury, emotional harm, or even death to the older adult, leaving their loved ones incapable of making a claim and seeking compensation. Persons eligible to make a claim are generally the spouses, children, grandchildren, and dependents of the deceased.

By proving that the neglect or the abuse was the cause of the death of the older adult, the family member will have the right to receive compensation. Said compensation may include medical expenses, funeral expenses, and burial expenses. Likewise, emotional damages can also be part of the claim. It should be noted that the law establishes a time limit of two years to present your claim. Otherwise, you will likely lose the right to proceed legally.

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